Legal & Property Matters

Multan Industrial Estate

Description Basis

Fee Rs.

Monthly Recurring Expense Per month (Slab Rates)
Sublet Fee Per Acre per month
(Minimum fee for less than one acre will be equal to one-acre fee)
Transfer of Lease hold Rights Fee Per Acre 2% of Bench Mark (400,000/- Per Acre)
Change in Trade Fee Per Case 30,000
Change in Name Fee Per Case 15,000
Change in Constitution Fee Per Case 20,000
Bifurcation Fee Per Acre 75,000
Amalgamation Fee Per Acre 50,000
NOC for Mortgage Fee Per Case 10,000
Non-Utilization Fee Per Acre per month 2,000
Registration of Lease Deed Per Case 30,000
NOC for Utilities Fee Per Case 5,000
NOC for Sale of Leasehold Rights Per Acre (minimum Rs. 25,000/-) 25,000
Extension Fee Per Acre per month 5,000
Map Approval Fee Per Square Feet 6
Publicity Fee Per Sq feet Small Sign Boards Rs. 20/-
Big Hoardings/Billboards Rs. 30/-
Banners Rs. 15/-
Late Payment Penalty   12% per Annum


Processing Fee @ 25,000/- per case on following:

NOC for transfer

Transfer of Lease Hold Rights

Bifurcation Fee

Registration of Lease Deed