Map Approval

Multan Industrial Estate

Approval Process

  1. Application for map approval to be submitted along with following:
    • Application for approval of drawings for construction.
    • Copy of Possession Slip, Agreement to sell and possession letter.
    • 3 sets of submission drawings (Ammonia Prints) including structural and electrical drawings.
    • Soft copy of original drawings on CD.
    • Architectural Certificate (having valid PCATP registration) (as per by-laws).
    • Structure Stability Certificate of Engineer (having valid PEC registration) (as per by-laws).
    • Stamped and Signed By-Laws of PIEDMC by owner and architect.
    • Soil Test Report.
    • Environmental Certificate/Receiving from EPA.
    • Contractors Certificate.
    • Work Schedule.
  1. Case will be approved after scrutiny of submission drawings by BCD department.
  2. Construction will be allowed after submission of map approval fee.