Completion Certificate

Multan Industrial Estate

Obtaining Completion Certificate

  1. Application for obtaining completion Certificate to be submitted after running factory for 3 months, along with following:
    • Three sets of as built drawings (Ammonia Prints with owners and architect’s signatures).
    • Soft Copy of as Built Drawings on CD.
    • Clearance Certificate from EPD.
    • Firefighting equipment and network plan with certificate.
    • Social Security registration certificate.
    • EOBI registration certificate.
    • Insurance registration certificate.
    • Labor Welfare registration certificate.
    • Electrical Industrial Design with sign/stamp by electrical engineer (PEC registered certificate).
    • Structure Stability Certificate (as per by-laws).
  1. Case will be scrutinized by BCD department of PIEDMC and visit of factory will be conducted.
  1. After successful visit, case for issuance of completion certificate will be processed and approval will be obtained from the Competent authority.
  1. Completion certificate will be issued after approval by the legal department.