Environmental Compliance

Multan Industrial Estate

Prior to every construction, getting an EPA construction NOC is very important to ensure that it will be environment friendly and would not cause any environmental hazards.

EPA operational NOC is also obtained to ensure the environmental compliance.

Environmental Compliance Management:

Environmental Compliance Management has the following steps to ensure that every Industrial Owner co-operates with the EPA rules.

  • Complaint Launch
  • Counter Field Visit
  • Reporting (Associated authority)
  • Report Generation
  • A warning letter is sent out to the concerned person/industry
  • Compliance
  • Regulate the PEQS for Ambient Air, Liquid waste Effluents, Drinking water quality, and noise standards.
  • Provision of Environmental Monitoring reports of all industries as per SMART Rules 2001.
  • Fire safety Measurements
  • Solid waste management

Liaison with EPD to implement PEPA Act 1997 in industries.