Consumer Guideline

Multan Industrial Estate

Issuance of NOC for Right of Way

1. Application received from Telecom Company’s/ Internet Service Provider to be reviewed by IT department. IT department will check the following documents to process the application for approval.

    • Layout Plan.
    • Initial Measurement.
    • Preferred Procedure for laying Optical Fiber Cable.
    • Authority Letter.
    • Dues of Previous Contract If Any.
  1. Right of way (ROW) conditions for NOC as Follows:-
    • No road cut will be allowed.
    • Ensuring that there is no damage to the drainage system.
    • There will be no damage to the Sui gas pipe lines.
    • There will be not harm /damage to property of the resident.
    • There will be no damage / harm to other infrastructure of Multan Industrial Estate.
    • (If minor infrastructure repair (replacement of tough tiles etc.) is involved, then the applicant shall be required to deposit additional security equals to 150% of repairing cost.
    • An undertaking from the applicant on stamp paper that in case of future expansion, the applicant will shift the cables at alternate place on the month notice.
    • Paying of dues on prescribed fee voucher.
    • After ROW fee deposit, an affidavit shall be required in which Telecom Company/ Internet Service Provider will agree that there will be no damage to existing infrastructure of subjected area (such as road, green belt or any other object).
  1. Case shall be put up to Office Administration Committee for Approval.
    • After Approval from Office Administration Committee NOC shall be issued after vetting from legal department with signature of President. If the case fulfill the complete requirements mentioned above, otherwise will be differed/ rejected complete the formalities.
    • NOC shall be time bound and shall be subject to renewal after a due time of 01x year upon payment of renewal fee in advance.